Developer description

Peek is a recruitment app designed to combat the fact that nearly 90% of job-leavers do so within the first 18-months because of bad cultural fits. In doing so, Peek’s purpose is to create happier workplaces, higher productivity, better profits and more fulfilled careers.

Using AI, behavioural learning and a simple registration process, the Peek app asks the right questions to ascertain the skills and the experience needed for the job, but also puts an emphasis on values and culture preferences of candidates to match them with job opportunities from companies that offer relevant environments and opportunities.

As an example, ‘millennials’ generally want to work for a company with a greater purpose than just ‘making money’, that offers volunteering opportunities, respects freedom of opinion and provides flexible working. A company offering such will thrive if its employers feel 'at home at work', that is, if the ‘cultural fit’ is perfect for both parties. Of course, ’skills, experience and qualifications’ are also important, and the intuitive Peek app requests and matches on this information too.

Last updated 13 Jun 2017

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