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Cant make up your mind between this and that? PeepAdvice will help you come to a decision.

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PeepAdvice is a fun, free and quick way to get advice and give advice with a click of a button. ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Aug 2019

Some of us just can't seem to make up our minds, can we?. For some reason, we need the thumbs up from our peers to make a decision whether it's what we should wear, what to buy, where to go or what to eat. We're a strange lot. But that's where an app like this one could prove useful. Contrary to its name, PeepAdvice is not a secret spying app. It's a new free and fun app for iOS where we can either seek the opinions of our peers - on any number of subjects - or offer advice to others as to what they should do if they are in a quandary themselves. All with just the click of a button.

If you are in a dilemma and can't decide between a couple of different options you can always pose a question to friends and experts around the world in PeepAdvice to get the answer. All you need to do is to post your dilemma to the community, list your two favourite options and then you'll see how your PeepAdvice friends vote on the subject. You don't have to abide by their voted answers but it can be nice to have that stamp of approval to help you decide. It could be the thing that relieves the stress of dealing with a tricky problem. If you like, you can even post your questions to Facebook and Twitter.

It's not restricted to you either because the act can be reciprocal too. Not only can you seek advice from your PeepAdvice friends but you can also help out your friends in the community out by giving your own opinions on their questions too. You can quickly vote on other people's dilemmas and help them make the best decision possible on their own tricky subject. If you're in a helpful frame of mind you can simply browse through all the questions posted and offer your two cents worth by answering yes or no to help your friends decide on their problems. There are icons such as Advice, Ask, Friends and Profile that you can click and, when looking for advice, you can browse through categories such as All, Popular and Following. 

You can ask pretty much any question you like to your network of friends and followers to give you the confidence to make the right decision when it comes to the crunch. Just post a photo of the two different options and ask your network of friends and experts to give you the thumbs up or thumbs down. It's very simple. Just count up the votes at the end and view the comments. It could be one style of dress against another, which color suits you, which fitness centre is the best for you, which fast food outlet has the best French fries, where to go on vacation or even which person is the best match for you romantically. In short, it can be anything that helps you make up your mind. 

PeepAdvice is a fast, fun and free feedback app for iPhone where you can receive, give and share ideas and opinions. It's great if you're wanting to make a purchase and are not sure which one of two options has the best value or which one is simply the best for you. Just post your two photos, ask your question and count up the votes at the end. You can also be a good citizen by helping out others in a dilemma by offering your own opinion as to what's best for others by voting on their questions. 

PeepAdvice is a free iPhone and iPad app of 2.69 MB size with the i9 Operating system for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touch of 3rd Generation or later. You will need an iTunes account in order to download the app.

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