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Cant make up your mind between this and that? PeepAdvice will help you come to a decision.

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Published 20 Aug 2019

[cont'd] either because the act can be reciprocal too. Not only can you seek advice from your PeepAdvice friends but you can also help out your friends in the community out by giving your own opinions on their questions too. You can quickly vote on other people's dilemmas and help them make the best decision possible on their own tricky subject. If you're in a helpful frame of mind you can simply browse through all the questions posted and offer your two cents worth by answering yes or no to help your friends decide on their problems. There are icons such as Advice, Ask, Friends and Profile that you can click and, when looking for advice, you can browse through categories such as All, Popular and Following. 

You can ask pretty much any question you like to your network of friends and followers to give you the confidence to make the right decision when it comes to the crunch. Just post a photo of the two different options and ask your network of friends and experts to give you the thumbs up or thumbs down. It's very simple. Just count up the votes at the end and view the comments. It could be one style of dress against another, which color suits you, which fitness centre is the best for you, which fast food outlet has the best French fries, where to go on vacation or even which person is the best match for you...