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Peerdea is a place for people to post their concepts (art, website, music, etc.), and for others ... More

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Published 3 Jan 2012

It's all very well to create your concept - whether it be a piece of art, a website or even a piece of music you've written - but how do you know if it's any good or if it's even sellable. Maybe with the right word in your ear it could be tweaked or improved. You could ask your partner,family or friends but would they be subjective enough to really help? Probably not. Peerdea is a social feedback app that is designed for artistic people to get critical appraisal on their minor masterpiece by their peers. That is, other artisans who know what they are talking about.

The purpose of Peerdea is to receive feedback for your concepts and ideas from the people most qualified to tell you. Your peers. It's a place for people to post their artistic pieces and have other artists, web designers, musicians and photographers give you feedback on your concepts. It's good for your ego for other artists like your work but it's also a sound way of gauging your concept's feasibility in the real world out there. There are strict posting guidelines which serve to encourage constructive feedback so you tend to not get people saying that they hate your piece without a good reason. Constructive is the word here. So how does it work? When you register an account you can post your own creative content to recieve feedback. Or, if  you like,  you can...