Developer description

Creating the future has never been that simple.

Pendilly lets you send texts, pictures and videos which become available to the recipient at a time you choose. Before that time, the recipient will simply receive a notification that someone anonymously sent them a message with a reason why it was sent. How the content should be viewed, the name of the sender, and the type of content, are displayed when the message is received.

Pendilly dares to do things out of the ordinary and believes sharing differently can add more value to messages, pictures and videos.
We aim at empowering people to dare to create the future. We do that by using time and tags to send messages into the future with more emotions and more fun.

Time is a precious and powerful emotional medium which connects us on a deeper level.

Pendilly is a French based startup which dares day in day out to build a new temporal experience in messaging and remains laser-focused on delivering ever-increasing emotional value to its community.

Team Pendilly

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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