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Published 21 May 2013

One of the dangers of online retailing is the possibility that you lose track of your competitors. If you have a retail store in your local mall it's pretty easy to keep track of what your opposition is doing because they tend to plaster it all over their windows but, with your online competition coming from all over the country (or the world, if it comes to that,) it may take a little more effort. Pentagon is a price tracking and monitoring application for online retailing that delivers intelligent information on competitive pricing to help you shape your pricing to stay ahead of the game.
Designed for online retailers, Pentagon's powerful price tracking technology works with your products to identify the best pricing opportunities on the market. This gives you the better advantage and keeps your business ahead of the competition. You'll benefit from reduced costs, greater market share, a boost in turnover, lower your supply pricing costs and  increase your profits -  ensuring that you attract more customers to your business. Pentagon’s revolutionary new cloud-based software delivers detailed pricing information designed to benefit online retailers. Pentagon’s five-sided shaping strategy means that you’ll no longer need to use countless hours of resource time manually monitoring competitors' pricing and identifies when products are priced too high. You will use that knowledge to win new customers and quickly raise revenue. You will also know when products are priced too low allowing you to increase your margins. Use the new data to understand your competitors’ costs and renegotiate deals of your own with your suppliers.
I'm not sure how they managed to secure Pentagon as the name for their app - you would have thought that the US Government had first dibs on that one - but the name evolves from its five pronged strategy to reduce costs and increase profits for your business. Basically, the app tracks and monitors online retailers of all sizes giving you the chance to be competitive in your field. You can go head-to-head with your direct opposition to find out who your closest competitors are and target keywords, web traffic, pricing and categorical pricing distribution to ensure you know where you stand in the scheme of things. Pentagon allows you to use all this expert knowledge to boost profits and beat the competition.

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