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Pepperjelly is your local guide to finding exactly what you crave. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between- pepperjelly has you covered. Say goodbye to negative, wordy reviews! Pepperjelly inspires restaurant selection with mouthwatering photos of food near you. Explore our feed to discover what you're in the mood for or filter the feed to show exactly what you want. Search specific categories such as "Brunch" or "Pizza" to find exactly what you are in the mood for. Make the hunt even easier by following your friends to discover your new favorite places! Whether you're looking for drinks in the city or pizza less than a mile away, Pepperjelly is the app for you!
Once you find a photo that looks awesome like the photo to save it for later, and find information about the restaurant where you can find that delicious meal. Clicking on the photo will take you to the restaurants page where we give you the rating, address, hours, phone number, and menu along with a map of where the restaurant is. You can also scroll through other photos from the restaurant.
All of our photos our from our community of users. Posting a photo is easy. You simply add a caption of what the dish is and how you liked it, add the restaurant, tag the type of food, and then give it a rating between 1 and 5 stars. You will be notified when others like your photo in addition to when someone follows you.
We launched in California over the summer and are currently expanding nationwide. To best test or explore the app, set your location to Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Fransisco as those cities have the highest amount of content. The app is free on the app store!

Last updated 22 Dec 2016

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