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Perfect Alarm Clock is the last alarm clock that you’ll ever need. The name speaks for itself.

Why wait, try it, and love it. Not to mention it’s free ツ

This alarm clock is made for everyone:

★ Great for people who have trouble waking up in the morning.
★ Students never have to worry about sleeping though their alarm again.
★ Don’t be late for work when this alarm clock will make sure you wake in time.
★ If you’re a hard sleeper or a constant snooze hitter this app is for you
Download from the App Store for your Iphone, Ipod, & Ipad and you’ll get:

✗ 2 Analog and 1 digital alarm clock displays
✗ Create as many alarms as you want
✗ Track how many time you hit the snooze button (max of five times before the alarm clock no longer allows you to hit snooze.) You’d be surprised how often you hit your snooze button.
✗ Set a password, tap a light sequence, or solve a math problem to make sure you are fully awake before you deactivate your alarm. You can also randomize this setting so you don’t get use to it. This will prevent you from accidentally falling back to sleep.
✗ Use your entire music collection as your alarm
✗ Name your alarm
✗ The alarm has a sound progression
✗ It features a snooze function that allows you to set the time interval and how many times you can use the snooze.
✗ Flawless transitions from one screen to the next
✗ Six different colors schemes
✗ A fully functional alarm clock
✗ Pick which days the alarm goes off

If you’re not convinced that this is the perfect alarm clock, then tell us how we can make it better.

Remember to share it with other people if you like it. We know you will.

Last updated 29 Sep 2012

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