Developer description

Persian Live Radio is created to deliver the premium Radio broadcasts which will absolutely meet our users’ demands and expectations concerning to the development of high-class devices.
This awesome application is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad touch and the Radio Stations are available in any country. Consequently, you can listen to your favorite state-of-the-art music, meaningful news and newsworthy programs anywhere and anytime due to its broadband connection.
We are definitely self-assured of the high quality of this app, since it is always processed and renewed by the sophisticated professionals, who often have creative input on the development of new shows or features. In addition, they always research and produce live Radio programs for our users.
The Radio Stations run as smoothly as possible from diverse countries and will turn your phone into a magic wand of entertainment.

Persian Live Radio has some peculiar features, which are indispensable to know.
 If you want to share your favorite songs, news or any kind of program with your friends, our extraordinary iOS application lets you share them via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dropbox, email and more.
 If you want some innovations concerning to our Radio Station, you will not get bored awing to our regular updates and various servings.
 If you have any kind of hesitation connected with the quality of our app, we reassure you that all the Radio Stations work in a proper way
 If you find it difficult to remember the name of your favorite song, this highly qualified application solves that problem and provides you with the appropriate information about the name of the song and the author name of the song you are listening to.

Using this app you will also have great inspiration to explore Persian culture thoroughly as well as amend your Persian Language skills.
We are definitely convinced that our application works without any prohibition. We really believe that you will be delighted with all the extra features that have been included in this version.

Last updated 29 May 2015

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