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An interview with Personixx main man Gary Kawesch

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Using real voices from your favorite celebrities, create and send ultra-customized audio ... More

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Published 7 Jun 2012

Cast of Characters:
The Situation. -Mike Sorrentino -  Jersey Shore
Andy Dick. - upcoming Elmore Leonard's Freaky Deaky
Snooki. - Nicole Polizzi - Jersey Shore
Patti Stanger - Millionaire Matchmaker
Robin Lynch - Lifestyles of the rich and famous
Natalie Nunn - Bad Girls Club / Love Games
Taylor Armstrong - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Kiowa Gordon - Twilight
Lamont Hollywood - ABC's Coast To Coast
Vienna Girardi - ABC's The Bachelor
George Noory - ABC's Coast To Coast
Nic Richie - the
Jim Plunkett - Legendary Oakland Raiders player
Developed by Voxbox Inc
The epiphany moment for Personixx came three years ago when VoxBox Inc CEO Gary Kawesch came up with an idea to add celebrity vocal talents to a new satelite navigation system. After a bit of digging around and researching Gary found out that there were a couple of companies already providing a service but they weren't exactly making a big splash.
"I didn't want to be the third figure in that space so I retreated and, in a couple of weeks, came up with the notion of a more generalized celebrity audio application" Kawesch told me. "Everyone has a smart phone these days but not everyone has a tone phone or a GPS. So I axed the whole idea of the navigation voices thing and focused more on the person to person greeting."
The new idea was person to person messaging on audio devices with ring back tones and voice mails using celebrity talent. It then just...