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An interview with Personixx main man Gary Kawesch

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Published 7 Jun 2012

[cont'd] customized messages where their own voices can be seamlessly intercut with the celebrity vocal talents providing words and phrases making the message almost conversational. Unlike similar sites, the totally original content turns your message into something very fluent and natural sounding as if the pair of you were calling together from the same room.
I asked Gary whether the message content would echo the explicit language of the TV series.
 "There is a rating provision on the app where you can tell the app if you are over or under 18 and it will lock some of the racier content. Andy Dick, for example, has more of that kind of content than Taylor Armstrong so it depends on which celebrity you choose. There are sex and alcohol references and, with Andy, some drug references. I think he's been in rehab about eight times so you can't help but talk about that. I give the talent control over the content so we push the limits with some people and try and get some cutting edge and racy content. Sometimes the celebs strike some of the content and sometimes it goes through."
Hopefully there won't be any racy language from Robin Lynch though Kadesch  did tell me of the rather conservative Lynch objecting to the use of the phrase "as cute as a bum nugget' in one recording session. When he asked what the phrase meant he was told it was a rather...