Developer description

Pet Paradise is a virtual cemetery where you can create a virtual memorial page for your lost pet. Anyone who wants can create a virtual memorial grave for his lost pet and so be able to keep alive the memories of the beloved friend. Even after many years, will still be possible to visit the grave, view the pictures, and read the thoughts and condolences that have been written. The memorial pages can be visited whenever you want, we guarantee that they will stay available for at least ten years.
The virtual graves are highly customizable, is possible to choose from over 60 different decorations like flowers, toys, candles, hearts, plants and much more. The background and the frames that surround the pictures are also customizable with many different colors and options. Optionally is also possible to light one or more candles and share the memorial page on the major social networks and messaging apps. We tried to give a "non-serious" look to this place, so even the kids can make visit their lost friends without feeling sad like when visiting a real cemetery, however we reccomend to only download this app in presence of parents.
We have included the most common animal breeds but under request we may add more breeds, at this time is possible to create a memorial page for: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Donkeys, Domestic pigs, Sheeps, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Hamsters, Mices, Squirrels, Rabbits, Ferrets, Gerbils, Guinea pigs, Raccoons, Monkey, Turtles, Birds, Spiders, Snakes, Iguana, Lizards, Fishes, Frogs, Chameleons. If you don't have a picture of your pet then a default picture will be set.
Some common questions:
THIS APP AS SOMETHING TO DO WITH RELIGION? The answer is NO, this is not intended to be a religious place but everyone is free to think otherwise. The name Pet Paradise only refers to a peaceful place where you can write something about your pet’s passing and have a virtual place to visit them after death. Even though Pope Francisco recently said that even pets may deserve a place in heaven, we don't want to enter into this argument. We don't have included crosses or other religious symbols, and no other references to religions or God are provided by us. However, you are free to write whatever you want in your pet grave, but this is up to you.
IS THIS APP FREE? Partially. While visiting the cemetery is always free, adding a new grave or donating a candle requires a small in-app payment.
DOES THIS APP SHOW ADS? No, this app does not show ads of any kind.

Last updated 9 Mar 2015

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