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Intuitive iPhone address book to die for

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phonetrait is more than a beautiful speed dial app. It analyzes how recently and how often a ... More

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Published 26 Feb 2012

There are some apps that work well and look pretty crappy and there are others that look great and yet are severely underwhelming in function. phonetrait manages to succeed on all levels. This phone organize application for iPhone is much more than just a pretty speed dialer. It provides an intuitive yet simple format address book that analyzes your twelve most often called friends, family or colleagues and presents them onscreen so you can contact them with pretty well one touch technology.
phonetrait is more than a beautiful speed dial app as it proves tself to be one of the best and most intuitive apps to call your friends, family and colleagues as quick as possible by presenting you with  contact pictures for your contacts from your address book in a smart order. It analyzes how recently and how often a contact is contacted and creates a dynamic order with the information. The main purpose of the app is to make it unnecessary to search your address book and to manually manage the favorite list in the phone app. To achieve this goal phonetrait presents you with an address book with pictures of your top twelve contacts as soon as you fire it up. The order of your contacts is based on how often and how recently you have contactethem so contacts which you have contacted most recently or most often are featured first. If the contact is currently not in the list you can still search the address...