Developer description

PhoneUsage shows powerful stats about how you use your smartphone. It will keep track of how much time you spend in your phone and which are the apps you use more and more often.
Screen usage:
- Total Screen Time: how much time the phone had it's screen turned ON
- Longest Usage: the longest time the screen remained ON
- Number of sessions: how many times you check your phone
- Small Usages: how many times you are making very small checks in the phone, liking looking for notifications or the time
Applications usage:
- Detailed list of the applications used (ordered by usage time)
- Percentage of time spent per application
- Total time per application
- Number of sessions per application
- Average time spent in the application per usage
- Longest usage of per application
All of the above features are available in 4 timeframes:
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- Since Ever: since you installed the app
Phone Usage: your best Screen Time tracker and Application Usage monitor!
Start using Phone Usage and check out the stats about your phone usage habits, see how addicted you are to your smartphone and which are the apps in which you spend more time.

Last updated 15 Apr 2015

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