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Forget your Android or out of juice? Holler for Phonnix

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Forgot your mobile at home? You dont have to worry anymore, with Phonnix for Android™ you ... More

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Published 27 Dec 2012

How many times do we see people scrambling around for a power socket at airports and shopping centers when the battery on their mobile has died? And how many times have you left your home or office and realized that you have forgotten to take your phone with you. Phonnix for Android is an SMS and VoIP application that means you don't have to worry about that anymore. Even if your phone is offline you can still access your Android, make VoIP calls from your browser and, if your phone is online, you can send and receive SMS and get instant Facebook notifications.
I can think of plenty of my Android-minded friends who will lap up an app like this one. Not that I want to be considered ageist but, let's face it, the younger generation come be a little...let's just say...forgetful. The amount of times I've heard the phrase "Oh damn, I left my phone at home" or "My mobile just died" is ridiculous but, if you are an Android user, this can be solved quite easily be using this app. With Phonnix for Android you can still access your phone and make VOIP calls from the browser wherever you are. If the device if offline or it’s battery has died it’s still possible to make VOIP calls. Whats more, if your device is online it's possible to send and receive SMS messages and get incoming and missed calls notifications instantly. SMS are sent through your device so it's just like you are sending a regular SMS yourself meaning that costs will depend on your current plan. If you go through the number verification process its also possible to call using your very own mobile number! Once you verify your number all outgoing calls made by Phonnix will use your own number and whoever the user calls will know who is calling even though you are calling from a browser.  It is even possible to transfer a call from your phone to your browser (check to see if your operator will enable it or if your subscription allows it and check on the price first though) to activate call forwarding from the phone.
Phonnix for Android is a safe and secure way of making calls even when you don't have your mobile with you or if its run out of juice. And you don't even have to sign in or remember complicated passwords to do it. This easy to use Android app can be used in most countries and just requires a simple download to your phone and remote access enabled. Then you can access your Android even if you left it at home or lose it temporarily. It's one of tose apps that I can already see being sat alongside Viber as a 'must have' apps for Android...just to be on the safe side or if you leave your phone in the cab on the way to work.

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