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If you're looking for the cheapest and most reliable international phone calls, look no further

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Published 5 Mar 2019

When you create a communication app with an aim to save customers money on overseas phone calls and you stick on a tagline that says that you 'want to be the cheapest calling app' you know that you've got a lot to live up to. The truth is, there are a squillion apps out there that all claim to be the cheapest on the market. However, when one does come along with that tagline and you find out that the developer has been working at Telecom for over fifteen years and has contacts galore all around the globe, it might be time to sit up and take a little more notice.

The curiously named Phoober is a VOIP and communications app for Android that finds the best and cheapest routes to long distance destinations around the world to enable the cheapest and most reliable international phone calls from local and international vendors. It works a little differently to most other long distance phone apps in that it will give you a whole selection of international phone routes to choose from. Some will be the absolute cheapest. Some will have the most reliable connections. Some will be a mixture of the two and others will be both. The bottom line is…you get to choose which one.

For every call you make, the Phoober people will show you exactly which routes exist, their price and any quality statistics. Just enter a phone number and search for rates and you will get a list of all available routes and prices to that destination. You can then tell Phoober to make the call based on price - and it will start with the cheapest route first - or you can pick the route that you think is the best. They will try every call route ordered by price but will only charge you for the calls that actually get connected. To help you choose the most appropriate and best quality route there's one last feature that no other app has in their features - real-time quality metrics from fellow users. If a route is colored green then that means other Phoober users have had good experiences with their calls. If it's colored red then it may not be working quite so well.

What's more, whereas similar apps often round up the price to the nearest cent, Phoober offers rates that are exact up to 4 decimal places. The reason for this is that it's the same way that Phoober is charged by its suppliers. While a few cents might not appear much it all adds up to a commitment to deliver cheaper prices and those cents all add up over time. Another little trick of other companies is to charge calls up to the next nearest minute whereas this one only charges you to the precise second. If you make a 35 second phone call, you'll be charged for a 35 second call. Finally, you won't find any of those annoying 'connection charges' that others often charge on your bill.

So, how does Phoober deliver the cheapest international phone calls better than others? You'd think that everyone would have the same access to routes. Well, there is a global market of call routes out there but, with the developer's previous business relationships being so strong, it has negotiated special access and prices through a number of different vendors worldwide. Rates vary greatly from vendor to vendor and they change every day but Phoober adds more of them to the app on a regular basis to ensure better competition and more choice.

Phoober enables you to find the best and cheapest rates to worldwide destinations by cutting out middlemen and by using direct routes to help families communicate with friends and other family members. The Phoober developers are also working hard to improve their service and state that if you find a cheaper international rate on a route you should let them know and they will try to find a route that will beat it. Oh, and there's one other thing. When you rate your experience on Phoober you'll get a credit back to your account for every review you give. You can download this excellent app for Android for free from the Google Play store.

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