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If you're looking for the cheapest and most reliable international phone calls, look no further

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Published 5 Mar 2019

[cont'd] of those annoying 'connection charges' that others often charge on your bill.

So, how does Phoober deliver the cheapest international phone calls better than others? You'd think that everyone would have the same access to routes. Well, there is a global market of call routes out there but, with the developer's previous business relationships being so strong, it has negotiated special access and prices through a number of different vendors worldwide. Rates vary greatly from vendor to vendor and they change every day but Phoober adds more of them to the app on a regular basis to ensure better competition and more choice.

Phoober enables you to find the best and cheapest rates to worldwide destinations by cutting out middlemen and by using direct routes to help families communicate with friends and other family members. The Phoober developers are also working hard to improve their service and state that if you find a cheaper international rate on a route you should let them know and they will try to find a route that will beat it. Oh, and there's one other thing. When you rate your experience on Phoober you'll get a credit back to your account for every review you give. You can download this excellent app for Android for free from the Google Play store.