Developer description

Phoonio, is helping companies connect with anyone who is visiting their website and wants to talk to them. We have developed an internet telecommunication system called Phoonio. Phoonio enables any website visitor to call the company whose website they’re browsing just by clicking on a single button, without using a traditional phone. How is it possible? Essentially, Phoonio is based on a well known and rapidly growing VoIP technology, which many of us have already known for some time (Skype, GTalk...). Phoonio has taken it a step further by offering new generation, interactive Call-Us-Buttons. This “Click-to-Call” solution is characterized by buttons, which make it possible to initiate a phone call from any up-to-date device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) over the Internet for free, without having to sign up, download, or login for the end user. Moreover, there are no geographical restraints. Phoonio offers calling without a phone as we know it and we believe this is where the future of telecommunication lies.

Last updated 6 Jun 2013

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