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Photo Delight is an ultimate color-splashing app for iPad. It lets you create masterpieces out ... More

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Published 30 Aug 2012

We do like a good photo app here at the FeedMyApp offices and, when a new one comes up for review, there's always a bit of a scramble to get to it first. Photo Delight was no exception to that and I'm in love with it already. All photo apps are the same, you say but that's where I beg to differ. I have several on my iPad and they all have very unique qualities. In fact, I'm now beginning to discover that by using several together, the end result can be even better. Photo Delight's claim to fame is that it allows you to load up your photo, have it stripped of color and recolored at your discretion. And believe me, they look pretty damned good.
Up until now i've been using an app called Color Effect to recolor photos and i've been loving the fact that i can recolor photos by using my finger as a paintbrush. If there is a downside it's the accuracy of your fingers spreading the color into areas where you don't want it. However, that's where Photo Delight is different. The Smart Mode feature allows you to swipe colors without ever going over the edges making your recoloring perfectly accurate and quite an improvement. Photo Delight is the ultimate color-splashing app for iPad. It lets you create masterpieces out of ordinary snaps with a remarkably intelligent feature like Smart Mode that brings uncompromising great looks to your photos.  Smart Mode is the brainchild of Photo Delight and takes care of color spill by being intelligent. It produces striking images without having to fret over the zooming and erasing along the edges. The app detects the color you want to highlight just by your touch on that part of the image. It continues to reveal only that color in the image wherever you move your finger without lifting it. The gorgeous interface design keeps the focus on working on the image instead of fooling around adjusting settings and it all seems to work automatically. You can import photos up to 20 megapixels, tweak your photos to turn them into works of art (hopefully anyway,) and then share them by email r through your favorite social networks. Photo Delight comes with a simple tutorial that is playable from within the app. After watching the short tutorial, you’ll know everything you need to get started.
Yep, Photo Delight is whats known in the trade as 'a keeper.' An app that you hold on to and have heaps of fun using until someone comes up with a better version of a photo recoloring app. I've loved the concept of recoloring photos by using a finger in the style of a paintbrush for some time and Photo Delight takes it one step further by improving the accuracy of your recoloring to the nth degree. It's also much simpler to use than similar apps and, with it's Retina display capability, it turns your photos into something even more special.

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