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Do we really need another photo share app? The answer is yes!

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Photo Effects Plus for iPhone/ iPad this app gives cool effects to your photography without any ... More

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Published 1 Jan 2013

You can't do much better in my book than to begin the reviewing year with a good new photo application. We here at the FeedMyApp offices just love a new photo editing app that offers something a little bit unusual to the simple Instagram look. I still find it rather amusing that Facebook bought a social photo network that 'ages' and shares your new photos - and paid over seven hundred million bucks for it - when I spend half my time scanning old photos and photoshopping them so that they look new. Strange that, but it's another story, I guess. So, back to our new photo app. Photo Effects Plus is a very cool photo editing and sharing application for iOS that gives you a unique set of filters to turn your photos into something quite special. It's fast, it's cheap and you can share your photos easily through your favorite social network.
Wanna transform your everyday instant photographs into great looking works of art? If you do, you might want to give this excellent photo editing app the once over. It is one of those photo apps that you will probably you’ll want to share with friends and family. Photo Effects Plus helps you to bring the art and talent of artists Like Warhol and Picasso to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch photos. Photo Effects Plus is a very creative app that gives you some very cool effects for your photographs without the need...