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Photo LoL is an incredible photo-retouch iPhone App with the ability to change your pictures' ... More

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Published 10 Jun 2012

How many photo apps do you have on your iDevice, I wonder. I guess most of you have Instagram which seems to have exploded beyond belief. What about Photo Toaster or Powersketch? You can see reviews of both of those two on Feedmyapp too. Photo LOL is a virtual photoshop of effects that specializes in retouching and recoloring your photos to turn them into great pieces of art to amaze your friends. What's more, it's incredibly easy to use and heaps of fun when you get the hang of it.
Photo LoL is an incredible photo-retouch iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that has the ability to change your pictures' colors with ease, is heaps of fun and with never-seen-before precision! So how does it work? First, you choose if you want to use a photo in your library or to take it directly from the camera. Then, you can decide to work on the whole picture or choose any individual parts by using one or more of the existing tools. Using the Classic mode you can create one or more masks around the spot you want to edit. The Dropper mode lets you simply touch the color you want to change on your photo to highlight the desired area of selection and adjust the range of colorization and brightness in real-time! Its simple and very powerful. Using the Magic Wand tool turns your editing into one you have seen in Paint or Photoshop!  After you have passed the selection phase you can start with the real re-touching phase. There are two settings - fast and advanced. With the  fast mode it's possible to change the color you prefer simply by moving it' 'slider' which gives great result with minimum effort. The advanced mode is even more detailed with settings for brightness, saturation, contrast, tonality, RGB and others. Another important particularity of this application is the introduction of a layer system which is similar to the one you have already used in best photo-retouching softwares for computers! Other features include the random effects option, social sharing (Facebook, Twitter and others) and a rich step-to-step tutorial!
You can't have too many good photo apps I say. And while they all offer pretty amazing results on your photos I find these days that many work even better when treated with more than one of them. Photo Lol offers a few effects that just don't appear in many of the others outside of a full-on photoshop. You can recolor large portions of your photos as well as being able to beam in for some incredibly detailed coloring effects. Photo Lol is a must have photo and image manipulation app that is totally worth owning. At under two bucks it's a steal but there is a free version too with some limitations. You won't regret it.

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