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Bring out the Wallace and Gromit in you with stop motion

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Published 21 Feb 2013

[cont'd] and even change the order of your shots for the 'Matrix' effect. It sounds complicated but, believe me, photo2video is an easy to use photo app that the budding filmmaker will spend hours playing with.
Theoretically, assuming the app is plugged in, you can record 23,976 hours of 'footage' with photo2video and take and edit almost 1000 different images. This is the sort of stuff that would have cost a small fortune to produce thirty years ago but, with technology moving at a rapid rate at the moment, you can purchase this unique and extremely entertaining photo and video gem for around six bucks - and it's worth every cent. Export or save your short films in your device or share them with your Facebook friends or va email. Alternatively you can share them with YouTube and be on your way to becoming a YouTube sensation or maybe the next stop motion king. After all, this is just what Park did to make the wonderful and much loved Wallace and Gromit series.