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Free Photo Frame. PhotoApp is a powerful and easy-to-use photos editor app that let you add stylish frames, clip art, line and text for your digital photos.
In this photo frames editor you have drag and drop function, variety of frames, clip art resources, you will simply and easily edit and frame your photo in seconds.

Free Photo Frame. PhotoApp is free photos editor which provide you free photo frames and photo Christmas cards!

At Tinglabs, our artists team works hard day and night to add frames to this free picture editor app. Free of annoying ads.

The Photo app is here to provide you the best quality photo frames and effect overlays out there.

#Enjoy the free photo frame collection

Our free photo frame collection includes:
Photo Christmas Cards
Valentines photos
Love photos
Flowers photos
City Typography

You can also apply photos filters to create your own custom photo frames. This makes PhotoApp the ultimate free picture editing app out there. We're soon adding special effects overlays to enhance your experience.

# Highlighted features of picture and photos editing app

1. Free Photo Frames - Whether it be Christmas, Birthday or Valentines, or a message of love.

2. Photo Filters - We have the perfect photo filters to make your photos better. These filters allow your photos to look better within the frames

3. Typography overlays - Without text a photo frame won't be so complete would it? So we have several fonts to choose from to apply your text

4. No Cropping needed - Yes, you can edit and apply photo frames without cropping so they're full size outputs for sharing

5. Coming Soon*** Special Effects - These effects allow you to create photos which stand out. Rain, snow, thunder

6. Country Flag overlays - Remember the french event where you could place country flag on your photo inside faecbook. Well now you can create country flag photos for any country

7. City Typography - Text on a picture - We know exactly what you need from your photos. So you can make your photo a little blur, a little dark with a white text overlay on it. Yes, we know that perfect text-on-blur-photo effect.

8. Coming Soon** Sports cards - Are you a fan of your favorite football team? We'll soon be adding sports fan club badges and cards to our collection

9. Easy to use interface - We've crafted our app's every aspect with care. If you're a child or an old person or a youngster you'll find our app headache free

10. Causes Overlays. Coming soon. Want to support the elimination of poverty from earth? We also want that. Want to sympathize with war effected countries. We allow the perfect tool to create post cards for that

11. Set as Wallpaper - You can set the crafted images as your wallpaper without fuss

12. Share beautiful images with your friends. Off coarse what is fun without sharing your perfect photos. Enjoy instant sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, WhatsApp and email.

13. Adding varying frames, clip art, text, line, adjust your digital photos with rotate and resize. Mobile Photo Frame will make your photos unique.

#Age rating
“PhotoApp Photo Frames” was created to be compatible with all age rating.

5 Light photo frames editor:

PhotoApp Photo Frames does not consume data from your devices. And is suitable to all devices, and all kind of sizes

We take bug reports seriously and If you find a bug please feel free to tell us and we'll fix it immediately.

Visit us at
Support: [email protected]

Last updated 27 Dec 2015

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