Developer description

The Number 1 Windows Phone photo customisation app arrives on iPhone with all new enhanced features created exclusively for iPhone!

Top downloaded Photo Application in the UK!*

Over 200,000 downloads worldwide!*

Rated 4th best photo application by T3 Magazine! (*

Photograffiti can quickly turn any photo into a funny or interesting scene. With it's simple to use interface you can easily create a meme by placing comic book style speech bubbles and text onto pictures. Customise photos with super hero masks, pixelated faces, cool word stamps, greetings or get the Super Stamp Pack and add sunglasses, hats, cuts, scars, bruises and facial hair to your pics. Or you can simply freehand draw all over your pictures and then send your creation to friends or upload them to your social networks.

What the press are saying about Photograffiti:

"Damaging reputations just got easier. Customise photos of friends and colleagues with speech bubbles, facial hair or a choice of masks. Then the world is your oyster as you continue to upload them to the nearest Facebook or Twitter account. Just beware those who discover the app as well…" -

"This one is unique. Great for grabbing a moment and changing it into one of those meme pics." - 18th Moon Station

*Stats and reviews for Windows Phone Version

Last updated 23 Jan 2013