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PhotoPhonic is a new photoshop application. Its filters can be applied to photos instantly with ... More

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Published 24 Mar 2017

We love a good photoshop app here at the FeedMyApp offices. Anything that offers up a new filter or a new feature is immediately gobbled up by our photo loving staff members. I think I have four or five of them on my device even as we speak but there's always room for more - especially if they offer something new. Here is a new photoshop application for iOS that offers several interesting features I don't think you'll find in too many similar apps.

PhotoPhonic is a voice activated app with some rather unique filters that can be applied to photos instantly just by speaking your commands out loud. In fact, all the aspects of the app can be controlled by speech. However, if you'd prefer to use the more conventional tapping method to control the app instead of your voice, you can do that too. Just tap on the microphone icon to switch between one and the other.

As mentioned earlier, PhotoPhonic also has a range of cool new filters to turn your photos into something special. For a start there are a couple of really unusual ones. If you have iOS 10.0 or above and iPhone5 or more you can access the Xray and Thermal filters that will certainly set your photos apart from the pack. There's also a great and rather unique filter that sets the complete color spectrum of your photo to a single colour - whether it be red, blue, green...