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Editor's review

Published 11 Jan 2012

Despite there being a glut of social media sites that let you share your photographs on the Internet there always seems to be a place for the  Instagram  technology - especially amongst iOS users.  It's still one of the simplest ways to quickly snap off a photo and share it with your friends. Photopile is a photo sharing app not unlike Copygram or Extragram that takes your feed from Instagram and let's  you share and display any of your photos there in a Polaroidish and highly attractive kind of way. It displays them almost like a deck of cards splayed out on your coffee table at home.
It's hard to believe but, despite there being a veritable plethora of ways of sharing your photos with your friends, iOS users still seem to love using Instagram. Even with popular social media  letting you share photos this old school style app has still managed to carve out a niche when you just want to simply shoot-and-share. Photopile is a photo sharing app that manages to utilize and enhance the Instagram experience on your desktop and iPad. This app takes your Instagram feed and generates a pile of photos that users can click through which is somewhat different from other desktop Instagram apps.Although the photo pile looks rather random and messy there is a method to the madness. Your photos are sorted chronologically so you have an ordered and very  easy-to-scan set of pics that look like photos spread over your coffee table. Clicking on an individual photo will show any  comments and tags as well as users that liked the photo. However, your friends will only see your pile of photos if you have tweeted them the link.
You can also search for other users and tagged photos or even go through your own photo entries. Photopile is a simple way to view and show your Instagram pictures if you do not have your iOS device handy.
PhotoPile is never going to set the world on fire but it is a very convenient way of displaying your photos and sharing them with friends not to mention the rest of the world. It's also a lot of fun, it's free and it looks great. The only thing you do need here is an Instagram account. And it's not just a pretty photo app either as you can search for specific keywords, check through an individual's portfolio or just lay your photos on the tablet like a deck of cards and tweet your friends.

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