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Published 28 Oct 2011

There is no use in denying it, we’ve all been there. I’m sure all children no matter where they come from are guilty of the same secret pleasure when confronted with their first dictionary and a quiet adult-less corner. That’s right, naughty words!

I confess I gave this app a go in the naughty word department and it didn’t disappoint. Far from it and I wondered if DH Lawrence had taken a crafty trip in the Tardis to the 21st century and punched in a few lines that were giving him some sleepless nights.

Dirty words aside I can see this as quite a clever and fun tool to use if writing is not your major occupation. Furthermore the potential to help out anyone learning or teaching English as a second language is clear to see.

There is no registration needed or fees to use the service and the “tool” is right there on the home page. Simply type in what you already have in your mind putting asterisks (*) in the gaps, of which you can add up to three at a time. Hit the complete button and it immediately gives you a list of possibilities, written in red, for you to consider.

The help doesn’t stop there however and by clicking on the suggestions you’ll be given some examples of how the words can be used along with definitions and a link to Google Translation where you can see the phrase in any number of different languages.

Have a go, Lady Chatterley in Italian sounds much more romantic!


I was quite impressed with it as an aid to teaching/learning I have to say and apart from DH Lawrence it coped admirably with the Bard and John Keats as well. But then as the poem says, "A thing of beauty……………. *”

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