Developer description

Piano Tile inspired from the classic Arcade games. For the arcade gamer this game fulfills their desires completely. Just like Flappy Bird the game seems easy to play & yes indeed the Piano Tile is very easy to play but its very hard to become the master in Piano Tile . The game basically features the black & white tiles but its called Piano Tile because of the Piano sound effects you will hear when you tap the tiles (only black tiles)
The game has four featured tiles :
1) White Tile The white tile is known as the death title don't tap the tile because the game will be over instantly between don't mess with the white tile
2) Black Tile The black tile is the friendly tile to increase the score just keep tapping the black tile and don't miss the black tile
3) Mystery Tile Tapping on Mystery Tile will swap the colours of the tiles. Its a tricky tile of Piano Tile but you will get to know of it once you will play the game
4)Double Black Tile Very similar to black tile but double black tile have two shades of black colour in one tile separating them with the different shade incase of double black tile you have to tap twice to earn the score and save up your game .
5) No Banner Add. The game has different features which are based on game speed .
The game is a free app and will remain free for lifetime. Download Piano Tile now for free and start becoming the master of the game & challenge your friends with your high score now ...

Last updated 18 Apr 2015