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Pic Scanner isn't just another boring scanner app. It's the only app on the planet that "batch ... More

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Published 19 Feb 2014

If you are over a certain age and into photography, I'm willing to make a bet that somewhere in your house you have a box full of photos stashed away. If you are anything like me, you will have been promising that you'll find the time at some point to scan them and file them away on your computer so you can have a good look at them again and keep them safe. But, it takes such a long time to individually scan them...and then there is the cropping and maybe a little retouching here and there. Pic Scanner is a new photo scanning app for iOS that makes light work of scanning chores by batch scanning up to four photos simultaneously before automatically cropping and saving them as individual photos.
Thankfully, Pic Scanner isn't simply just another boring scanner app. In actual fact, it's the only app on the planet that "batch scans" photo prints. This very useful photo scanning application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (with an Android version coming soon) can scan  up to four photos at a time and then automatically crop and save them. Its so much easier and less time consuming than scanning each one individually. And, rather than having to cart your much loved photos elsewhere to tart them up, Pic Scanner has a number of other fine features including tools for editing photos, adding captions and applying filters as well as creating albums. Once you are happy with your finished photos you can easily share them via Facebook, Google+, Twitter or email and archive them to Dropbox or iCloud. Pic Scanner uses proprietary technology for multi-scanning and automatic cropping. These processing-intensive features are not offered by any other app, due to the modest computing power and memory of most mobile devices. Interestingly, Pic Scanner does all it's processing directly on the device and not on a remote server so users don't have to be connected to the Internet to save or view their photos...or incur data charges ... or worry about privacy issues.
The Guardian newspaper in U.K. recently put this incredibly fast and easy app for digitizing your old photos on its '40 Best iPhone and iPad Apps' list and it's not hard to see why. Pic Scanner is an incredibly easy-to-use app that will save you hours when you finally get around to scanning that box of photos you've been meaning to get to. It's also the only app where you can scan photos that have been posted in albums or mounted in frames because you are scanning them all with your iDevice. The app makes it more than convenient to have the photos automatically cropped and saved and there are more than enough added extra features to let you edit and add filters to your photos and make them stand out. You can even add a caption to them, if you like. The trial version of Pic Scanner allows you 10 opportunities to scan photos and three to share them giving you the chance to test drive the app before deciding whether to purchase but, with unlimited scanning and sharing for around three bucks, the app is a steal. Now, where did i put that box of photos?

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