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Published 15 Jun 2012

Do you get the feeling that sometimes Facebook misses the boat when it comes to some of the features you wish were there? If you are anything like me there will be things you can't believe haven't been incorporated yet. Pica is a Facebook client for iPad that features all the usual elements we love in the social network like status update, photo upload and messages but also adds a bunch of other gestures that enhance the Facebook experience.
Pica is not going to be a set of tools that everyone will use but, for the Facebook user who visits several times per day, you will probably wonder how everyone else can live without them. They have added a wide range of well thought out gestures that are lacking in the official Facebook app to help you accomplish common tasks easier. You now can have the ability to favor posts or send articles directly to 'read-later' services. You don't need to know these gestures in order to navigate or like comments, but once you discover them, there'll be no going back. Pica has a beautiful interface and animations and smart gestures for quick actions making it super easy for you to be up-to-date with your Facebook friends. With Pica on your iPad you can always be connected to Facebook to update your status, chat with your best friends, share your photo or check in to your favorite locations.
Pica is a beautiful looking addition to your Facebook arsenal that was designed specifically for the iPad and Retina ready. It allows you to prioritize your favorite feeds so that Facebook works the way you want it to.      Basically, Pica is a custom built and customizable Facebook browser with a number of search and navigate buttons that take you everywhere you want to go-fast. If there's a downside, the chat interface might need a little work. On the whole, though, Pica will enhance the regularFacebook user's experience and make your social network viewing a little most more geared to what you want.

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