Developer description

Picaso is an incredible dual photo editor that allows a simple way to save your Editing Style for future use and also add graphics for finishing touches. Our intuitive yet simple design, combined with a wide range of tools lets you create beautiful pictures instantly.

Our dual editing system contains

A “ Save Editing Style” editor where you can combine all these tools and effects to save and use for later:

Adjustments Tools
We offer 9 essential tools to adjust and perfect your picture

40 filters available and to use

37 textures that include, film grain, light leaks, dust, dynamic texture

Light Leaks
20 Unique and vivid light leaks

12 Borders to use from

The second part of our dual editing system allows you to add graphics such as:

60 unique stamps to play with to add more fun to your pictures

46 Typefaces to choose from

Lens Flare
21 Lens flare to add more light effects to your masterpiece

Draw Tool
Use the draw tool to create anything you want!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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