Developer description

Forced between the walls of a gray text, your soul is chained to the ground.
PicK frees your imagination, unleashing the power of pictures inside your Apps!

Always available:
- All the pictures you need are just a tap away.
- Switch keyboard, not App ;)
- PicK is compatible with the most famous Apps like Messages from Apple and WhatsApp.

Find just anything:
- PicK is able to find thousands of beautiful images.
- It's a true search engine powered by the biggest image-searching leaders on the Internet: Google, Flickr and 500px.

Fast and powerful:
- PicK is the fastest way to add pictures to your messages, mails, documents and presentations.
- Switch keyboard, search, tap on your favorite pic, paste it inside your current App. That's all.
- Give a fresh and phenomenal look to all yours texts!

Last updated 26 Oct 2014

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