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Pickn'Tell provides fashion lovers an exciting new fashion shopping experience.

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Published 10 Nov 2012

In an ideal shopping and retailing world Pickn'Tell would probably be the perfect role model for a successful shopping experience. This shopping application gives mobile customers a complete and comprehensive shopping experience while giving retailers the perfect advertising medium to not only have total contact with their audience but also to analyze the results afterwards. Pickn'Tell is a location-based app specifically designed for fashion lovers and fashion retailers where the customer can share their retail experience with friends using video and photos via your phone camera or with in-store digital mirrors.
Pickn'Tell is a location based mobile service that provides fashion lovers with a  new and personalized social fashion shopping experience. It aims to enhance the shopping experience for buyers of clothes and fashion and enables you to capture pictures and videos with your phone camera or with the in store digital mirrors. Bring out the social side of your shopping by getting instant feedback by sharing your fashion choices with friends via photos and videos as you try on outfits in the store or at home. Browse fashion brand catalogs and add articles you like into your wardrobe or your wishlist. Select your favorite brands and view available coupons,events, store locations as well as map directions to nearby stores. Surprise your friends by sending your friends eGift cards for their favorite brands directly from your phone.  Manage your wardrobe and wish-list and share them with your social network friends or with the entire...