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Published 7 Apr 2013

[cont'd] obtained training material that was designed by professional psychologists which helps the user to master the skills of memory, body language, communication, influence. And we havent even got to the juicy parts yet. PickupNavigator is available for Android, iPhone and iPad users. It may not match you up with an instant date with Miss Universe but it will be your perfect wing-man every step of the way.
With a line that says "From the first look, to the first word, to the first date  you can rely on Pickup Navigator to deliver," you would hope that this dating app really does come up with the goods. It's as 'easy as pie' to use and the advice given looks thoroughly sound to me. It helps build personal skills, helps in preparation for dates, gives instant advice and offers motivation when needed as well as being a source of very useful dating information. PickupNavigator offers a full interactive training course for your dating development.