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When a person can’t come up with his or her own domain name, they can place an order with ... More

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Published 31 Oct 2011

Trying to think of something both catchy and relevant to use as your domain name is not the easiest thing to do. Some people can knock twenty out an hour while others struggle to think of anything memorable. PickyDomains is a domain advice blog tool for business that has 46,000 people working for you trying to think up the perfect domain name for your business. If you like one of the options and decide to register the domain then it'll cost you just US$50 and it's all yours. Simple.
If you need a memorable and easy to pronounce domain name or slogan that perfectly describes what your business is all about you are in the right place. PickyDomains provide you with names and slogans that are descriptive, concise and easily remembered.  When a person can’t come up with his or her own domain name they can place an order with PickyDomains.com. Their contributors then start pitching ideas. If a person decides to register the domain he pays PickyDomains  $50. 40-60% of which that amount goes to the contributor who made the winning pitch. So this is a world's first, risk-free crowdsourcing naming service. They already have 46000+ contributors (anyone can join, if they can accept PayPal payments) and 1400+ clients. PickyDomains have already named 1500+ domains including  DiskScout.Com, Xutta.Com, NadaPay.com, GymGenius.Com, Simplytics.Com, Coderria.Com and Nogeno.Com to name just a few.