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Poll a random audience to see which photo shows your best side

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picpic lets you anonymously poll strangers, A vs B style. Ever wonder which photos are best for ... More

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Published 14 Nov 2018

We humans are strange creatures. We will happily offer an opinion on everyone and everything when it comes to other people's social media photos but, when it comes to our own, we seem to find it a real problem. Maybe we love them all and find it hard to decide. Maybe we simply hate them all. So how do we solve this? Do we ask all our friends to come around and offer their opinions (be prepared for some honest answers though) or do we just chuck them all out there and hope for the best? Well, here's an idea. Why not crowdsource a whole bunch of random opinions from people you don't know and be done with it? 

For those of us that can't make up our minds, we have here a useful little photo based polling and crowdsourcing app for iOS and Android. 'picpic' is a new app that lets you anonymously poll strangers and get them to let you know which of your photos is better - photo A or B. If you've ever wondered, for example, which photo is the best one for your online dating profile or which outfit you should buy when you can't choose between two when out shopping, picpic is a great way to help you decide. 

Just upload your photos for comparison, set up a poll and wait for the results. Now, if you did this on social media there's a fair...