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This brand new application is truly the first of its kind in any application store.
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Published 16 Mar 2014

Picture gaming seems to be the thing of the moment. It was only last week that we reviewed an app called ZoomIt! that claimed to be the 'world's first photo sharing game' and here we are with another. PicSo, however, can be far more than just an entertaining game. While it is certainly a lot of fun to play, it can also offer up an educational and informational slant to the photo sharing and gaming concept. This next generation app mixes picture sharing, social networking and games by asking you to include questions, questionnaires and simple quizzes to your photos when you send them to friends and opponents. Your PicSo replies can give you the most interesting and informative answers to your questions.
PicSo - Pic Something is a brand new application that is truly a first of its kind. Part photo sharing and part game, it aims to et you pose questions with your photos to stimulate an even greater interest in your subject. Challenge your friends, your acquaintances or the many random folks that you have met on the global network to answer the posers that you have set them. All you need to do is to take a picture of something amusing or interesting - or maybe something that emphasizes the question that you wish to ask - before cropping, editing, reframing, zooming in or applying filters as well as drawing on photos before sending them to friends. Finally, add a bit of extra fun by posing different...