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Pictotool is a web tool that can create fun image, sticker with pictogram and text. You have to ... More

Editor's review

Published 9 Apr 2012

If you are looking to add some snazzy images and pictograms to jazz up your blog, website or Facebook page then Pictotool could well be of interest to you. It's a free and ultra simple to use design and image creation tool that supplies plenty of cool and unusual graphics into which you can insert text and change various colors. Then just hit the generate button and download the image to your computer before uploading it to it's desired location.
Pictotool is a free web tool where you can create fun images or stickers and add pictograms and text to get your social networking friends talking and wondering where you got them. You can generated a lot of images with Pictotool. It's a ridiculously simple image creation tool to use and just invites you to select an image and a pictogram into the selection box and add your text. You can customize your text or pictogram by changing its color and font size and define the content with background colors. Generate your result to get your image and save it to your computer. Then you can upload it to your website, blog or to your Facebook page or print it. All generated images are erased each day and all images are free to use for personnal and commercial use. When using Pictotool, a link to the web tool is always appreciated but not required...just enjoy it and have fun with it.
You could say that you can find a lot of the images used by Pictotool  available elsewhere but it does allow you to mix and match your customized and add text and color to your created image. In the future there will be even more text options but there are heaps of images to play with here so don't get too upset. Whilst it is no masterpiece, Pictotool is a free and pretty snazzy design tool that could make your website, blog or Facebook page that little bit more unique.

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