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Developer description

Welcome to Pictureroo Memory Puzzle Challenge, the memory game that challenges your speed, coordination and you guessed it, memory. Remember the flashing images then tap them in to where they should be on the grid. Simple you say? Game on!

- Start with the juicy fruit of Fruitiroo.
- Play to unlock the many numbers of Numberoo where you will be introduced to mystery levels.
- Next comes the geometric shapes of Shaperoo where you will encounter swap for the first time.
- Followed by the Lettericious letters of Letteroo which introduces rotate.
- Finally the stunning colours of Colouroo which has all three; mystery, swap and rotate!

Each world has 50 levels with bonus points for completing the world.

The leaderboad allows you to compete with not just Android users, but IOS and Windows users too. May the best platform user win!

If you fancy something more social then give Battleroo a try; a multiplayer challenge, up to four players on one device, five rounds with one winner. Trust us it’s a knockout!

If you like a challenging memory test,mind swap, the swapper like games, brain training, addictive games or simply want your game to be a personal brain trainer then Roo is your, well, he is your kangaroo Roo!

Pictureroo Memory Puzzle Challenge is a game for the whole family; adults and kids, and its free. Start playing today and see if you can get your name on the high scores leader board if you like to play single player games or will you be the Pictureroo master and beat your friends and family in the battle of Battleroo?

If you like testing puzzles, challenging puzzles or just plain simple fun puzzles we think the worlds of Pictureroo are a crowd pleaser. These increasingly popular games will exercise your mind, test your speed and challenge your brain. A real memory test. Fancy a speed test? How quick are your reactions, how fast can you tap, and how good is your memory? Find out with this fun game.

If you're looking for puzzle games for kids then the different worlds of Pictureroo are a great choice, children can learn to recognise and remember shapes, letters, numbers, fruit and colours. Colors if you are one of our American friends.

Pictureroo Memory Puzzle Challenge is already proving to be a popular puzzle game, families have a great time playing the social and interactive Battleroo. Family fun is waiting to be had. The game is suitable for all ages but may be particularly fun for kids aged 9 - 11.

Whatever you do have fun, be quick and stretch that memory!

Last updated 5 Sep 2015

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