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Published 16 Jan 2012

It seems to be the current fad to fiddle around with your photos and share them with your friends. When I say fiddle around I mean to warp them with colors and effects. Mind you, if I see one more green tinged photo using Hipstamatic I think I'm going to scream. PicYou is a new social photoshare application for iPhone that gives you lots of effects to play and warp your photos and share them with your friends and the big wide world on Facebook and Twitter.

PicYou is the perfect tool for instantly sharing your photos and your daily life activities with friends, family and the world. This photoshare tool has extended all of the great web features including all the filters and frames into a gorgeous iPhone app. Now, it's even easier to share your photos and meet new friends. With a simple photo you can connect with others from around the world and explore new things to do or see. PicYou is a great way to share stunning photos with friends, wherever you are. See a sweet shot? Snap it with your iPhone and let PicYou do the rest with its awesome filters and frames. Best of all everything you do on your phone is also accessible online at the PicYou.com website. there's a one click sign up with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. PicYou has a number of features including free PicYou filters (including Albion, Killowatt, Infatuation, Zeitgeist, Gammanation, Dreamy, Ralston, Cuttlefish and Hipster,) cool PicYou frames,  unlimited uploads to the cloud, photosharing instantly on Facebook and Twitter, lets you make new friends through giving and receiving likes & comments, full camera capability - front and back and access from the web at PicYou.com.

PicYou iPhone App is fun, free and very fast and is a great way to share your photos with family and friends. You can just post your photos as they are or you can turn them into pieces of art with the many filters PicYou provides. It's easy to use and navigate. All it really involves is to upload your photo and then you can try out the filters and post them wherever you want to. post them on your Facebook or Twitter and wait for the compliments. A bit of a must have.


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