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Forecast who will win the 2020 Presidential election with this fun pooping pigeon game

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Published 12 Aug 2020

[cont'd] able to see all the pooping election stats in the different states and maybe, as a consequence, you'll be able to predict who is going to win in November. Not convinced? Well, if nothing else, it will probably give you as accurate a result as the polls that were delivered back in 2016. 

You'll recognise plenty of political characters as you scroll through the game and there are plenty of things to laugh at along the way of this very colorful scrolling game. You can choose which side of the political spectrum you want to be on though you can change parties if you like as you begin each of the six levels (with more levels being added soon.) Before you can complete each level, you'll have to face up to and defeat what's known as a 'political boss' who can be anything from a news anchor, a senator or even the president. 

Pigeon Poolitics can only be described as a rather wacky game for your mobile that is geared towards the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election. It is designed specifically to engage first time voters, millennials and gen Z gamers from both sides of politics and to feed them better information so that they understand how important it is to vote with their head as well as their heart. It aims to provide real-time insights and opinion polling into which presidential party is least preferred in each of the featured states...