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Editor's review

Published 1 Oct 2011

I like an app that doesn’t pretend to be everything to everyone and piggybelt.com tells it straight. As a simple expenses recorder it does exactly what it says on the tin.

By using your mobile phone as an expenses notebook you simply enter expenses in a simple format as and when they occur and text the details to piggybelt. An example of this would be - #30 children’s clothing shoes - which would add $30 to you children’s clothing category along with a note to specify the item. Of course you can also email them or access the website from your mobile or desktop browser.

The site doesn’t offer any advice or guidance on how to improve your budgeting skills and it doesn’t link up to any bank accounts to compare income. What it does do however is give you clear and simple tools to allow you to manage your expenditure yourself.

With monthly reports broken down into categories and by type and group you can see just where your money is going and what your daily average spend is. This information will provide the necessary personal prompts to any areas that could be cut back on. It would probably surprise a lot of people when they were presented with just how much they spend on coffee in a week!

So if you just want a simple app that tells you where your money is going and helps highlight possible savings then piggybelt.com has the functions. It provides the base material for you to go on and devise your own workable budget.

Nice and simple but not free. $5 a month however might highlight savings that more than cover that.

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