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Published 23 Sep 2011

While it looks and sounds like just a bit of fun, Piktochart really does have a place as a design share tool in the business and blogging community. It manages to find a way of turning the story you are trying to tell into an infographic picture. It is said that viewers comprehend and remember six times more information from an infographic picture than they do from a printed word version...something to think about.
Piktochart is a stress free way of getting your message across to an audience that has sat through thousands of boring presentations littered with graphs and slides.  It's a fast and cost effective online solution for turning your rather dull masterpiece into a compelling story inside half an hour. You just have to enter the story and the key points you are trying to get across and, within 30 minutes, Piktochart has created the infographic to illustrate your vision. You dont have to spend time worrying about where to place your information or within which layout let alone figuring out a theme which is suitable for your story line,  layout and presentation. It's all done for you. Whether you are producing a blog, trying to make analysis less linear or marketing a new product with fresh ideas, Piktochart is an indispensable stats tool.

Piktochart really is so simple to use. It's the simplest and most intuitive way of working around data and graphics. It's literally drag and drop. The other thing i like about it is that all the data is there for the viewer to see...its not some pretty little graphic that has no substance. There seems to be a lot of thought put into the presentation and Piktochart provides over 20 possible ways of visualizing data. The intelligent Chart Wizard also figures out what sort of visualizations are possible based on the data you have entered. All in all, Piktochart is a bit of a gem if you want a new way of trying to catch your audience's attention.

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