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A 3D interactive adventure to get your kids into bed at night

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★2012 Won in Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Books category) ★
★2012 Won "Grand Prize"in ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Feb 2013

The introduction of the iPad changed everything in the world of children's apps. In fact, chances are, apps like Pilo probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the tablet platform. The iPad is very user-friendly and a great size for excellent viewability...not to mention the ability to add an interactive element. Pilo1 is a gorgeous real-time 3D interactive story book application for kids that has won numerous prestigious awards worldwide. But the best thing about Pilo1 isn't simply the beautiful 3D animations. It also carries a story that will be relevant for every parent trying to get their child to sleep at night.
Most families have at least one child that simply won't go to sleep when put into bed at night and this interactive storybook goes some way to addressing that problem. Pilo1 is an interactive 3D story book with a lovely story about a pillow fairy named Pilo (Pilo =Pillow. Gettit?)  The story begins with a boy named Tommy who won't go to bed at night. When he finally falls soundly asleep, Pilo comes from the dream world and comes alive. There is a big dream tree growing in the dream world with dream-tree friends living there. It lets you experience an amazing world of imagination  using 3D animations of all their friends in the dream world. Then you can use the interactive effects to create a new story each time providing the whole family with good experiences. Pilo leads Tommy into the dream world when he falls asleep but remains a pillow the rest of the time. The app is based on the Korean Pilo series and uses beautiful,  real-time 3D animated story books to deliver emotion that is as warm as a parents’ love.
Pilo1 is a multi-award winning and truly gorgeous interactive storybook for is that will delight most young children. The prizes it has won have included educational and book awards, children's awards, econovation awards as well as for it's animation technology. But in reality, the app would mean nothing if it weren't for its parent familiar storyline - the kid who just won't go to bed at night. Pilo1 creates a world for your child that shows them that it's a good idea to get to sleep because Pilo wants to wake up and play. Having said that, the app looks beautiful with an interactive element that will encourage kids to join in before sleep time. Watch out for Pilo2.

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