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★2012 Won in Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Books category) ★
★2012 Won "Grand Prize"in ... More

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Published 21 Feb 2013

Yesterday we reviewed the first edition of a new interactive 3D storybook application called Pilo. Pilo is a beautifully animated and multi award winning iOS app that, while looking great, is a real winner because of its storyline as much as its look. Now comes the second release in the series. Pilo2 still carries the same stunning 3D animation but this time the action is in the form of puzzles, music and more interaction to capture a child's attention. Choose a character, dress them up, play musical instruments and get them to dance just by tapping on them. This multi award winning educational storybook  that encourages your children to read and is a great app for parents to read to their kids before bed.
Pilo2 is a new kids app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that aims to encourage children to read  by providing a series of beautiful interactive 3D stories, puzzles and music games. Pilo is based on an original Korean series about a super cute and magical character who is a simple warm fluffy pillow doll during the day but turns into a dream fairy when your child falls asleep. Children can choose either to be Tommy or a girl named Sunny and dress them up how they want. As soon as you touch the screen you are interacting with your characters and, as you move through the scenes, your children are encouraged to read along with the story. They can play the piano and interact with Pipi the bluebird or play and practice drumming skills. Create an ensemble and get all your characters playing music together. What's more, they dance.
It can be such an advantage for a child in later life to learn and love to read at an early age. Pilo2 is a multi award winning iOS kids app that has won educational and book awards worldwide for its warm storytelling and clever interaction. The beautiful 3D animation is guaranteed to engage a child's imagination and encourage them to read along as you move through the scenes. Pilo2 and Pilo1, which FeedMyApp reviewed yesterday are a lovely addition to the iOS roster of kids educational apps. But the real beauty lies when using the app with the very user-friendly and kid-friendly iPad  - the perfect way of interacting with a very cute little pillow fairy called Pilo.

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