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Published 1 Oct 2011

Have you ever thought that if you were really organized you could run your life better? We are all pushed for time these days and sometimes youll find that paying someone else to do something is actually cost effective. PinDone is an organize tool where you can hunt down people in your local area to run your personal errands and household tasks.
PinDone gives you access to a highly trustworthy network of local errand runners for a mutually agreed amount of pay. Whether you use it in a business or personal way is totally up to you. You can even negotiate with your errand runner to do the work anytime of the day or night if that's what you want. Maybe you are at work and need to pick up your dry cleaning but find it hard to get away. Just find a  PinDone runner and get them to do it. Or it's the middle of the night and your pregnant wife has a hankering for pickled onions. PinDone can get them for you and deliver them to your door leaving you free to massage her feet for her. You could hire a personal assistant or a maid to do all this stuff for you but it's going to be expensive. When you have PinDone at your beck and call you can just use them when you need something.

If there's a downside to PinDone it's purely that it isn't available country wide yet. At the moment the service is limited to Los Angeles, Ca and San Diego, Ca but it is very early days at the moment and they plan for new locations. It would be incredibly useful for hotel visitors who don't know their way around LA to have the use of PinDone to pick up or deliver important business documents. The list of things that can be done is endless and the potential for 'out of hours' service is tempting. Maybe someone could come in and do the washing up after dinner. Then they can rub the wife's feet.

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