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With Pingup, there's finally a way to accomplish your everyday tasks with local businesses without the hassle of a phone call - and it's FREE! Why would you still call salons, taxis, restaurants or other local businesses?
Download the FREE Pingup app to quickly and easily make appointments, hail cabs, reserve tables, order food or to live chat with a business, all with no added fees and all in one app.

How Pingup works:

Just search for the business you want on Pingup and you're on your way.

Simply tap the business's Pingup listing and follow the prompts.

HAIL, ORDER, RESERVE, BOOK...Pingup and Done!

What will you use Pingup for first?

Make appointments faster than you can say "just a trim" or "manicure with paraffin treatment."

There's no easier way to say, "sign me up for that spin class" or to book a massage with Lars!

Forget whistling or flashing some leg. Pingup your next taxi - without the fees or surcharges.

What they're saying about Pingup

The Next Web
If you have a question about something, you don't have to call a 1-800 number. Instead, using Pingup, you can text your question or feedback and someone from the company can respond, potentially helping reduce the time it takes for customer service issues to be resolved, thereby reducing the amount of minutes spent on the phone along with the annoying hold music.
A Platform, Not an App: Boston-based technology start-up Pingup provides a messaging platform that allows consumers and businesses to communicate with each other by texting, the preferred medium of a new generation.

TopCab and City Cab
I've been running the company for 13 years and we've always done the same thing, but since we began using Pingup seven months ago we've doubled where we were last year in terms of pickups. That's massive growth. We always go up, but we've never doubled in one year.
Tiffany Mitchell, TopCab and City Cab

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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