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Now any business, marketer or designer can create powerful Facebook Page contests and giveaways ... More

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Published 22 Oct 2011

If you look at the quality of many Facebook Pages you wonder why they bother sometimes. It's all very well creating your very own page but you're fooling yourself if you think thats the end of the story.not going to get a lot of people returning to see you unless you keep it interesting. Pinpoint Social is a Facebook marketing and promotion design tool for creating contests and giveaways to reward your customers and help you gain more fans.
Any business, marketer or designer can now create powerful Facebook Page contests and giveaways with Pinpoint Social - the smart marketer’s powerful and dynamic platform for high-performing Facebook promotions. Using a simple and intuitive self-service platform this excellent tool helps you get more fans, reward your customers and generate leads. They have built a more intuitive interface, optimised for better conversion with Facebook iframes and created a more customizable template which is going to allow designers to create fully branded applications with simple custom style sheets – just like any website. Pinpoint Social helps you acquire more fans at a lower cost with promotions that reward your customers giving you more likes and more fans. You can build and publish a great looking campaign in 10 minutes or less for free and accept up to 50 entries without paying a cent or even providing a credit card number. So maybe it's time to begin creating your campaign now.

Pinpoint Social is a great marketing design tool to get you started on bringing your Facebook Page into the 21st century. You can set up your campaign, design and customise it and you don’t have to pay anything until your promotion brings you over 50 entries. I still find it quite astonishing that more people haven't jumped onto the Facebook Page advertising wagon. After all, it's one of the last free advertising sites around and the potential audience is mind-blowingly large. Pinpoint Social is an easy to use design tool that will optimize your Facebook Page and keep em coming back.

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