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Published 27 May 2011

Pinpointe is a web-based email marketing platform with a lot of great features that will make running your email campaigns a lot easier.  If you’ve been looking for email marketing products or email marketing services, you’ll decide your search is over once you try Pinpointe.

Pinpointe has all the tools you need to organize, implement, and track your B2B email marketing campaigns, including features like an Email Template Library, Drag & Drop Surveys, SPAM Score Checker, Autoresponders, Detailed Bounce / SPAM Activity Results, and more; things you don’t get from all email marketing vendors.

When you log on to your Home page you see a link to buy credits and a link to Tech Support, buttons so you can immediately Manage Lists or Create Emails, Recently Edited Campaigns, and Recently Created Contact Lists, as well as a nice graph of Latest Stats which shows Unconfirmed Contacts, Bounces, Confirmed Contacts, Forwards, and Unsubscribes - all of which are extremely useful bits of information to have about your email marketing campaign.


At the very top right of the page you have access to Templates (including the ability to create your own custom email templates) and Forms – yes, on top of the business email marketing services you can also create web forms for your site.

Across the top of your Home page you have several tabs - Contact Lists, Contacts, Email Campaigns, Surveys, Autoresponders, and Statistics. 

An interesting feature under Contact Lists is the ability to view and create segmented lists of...