Developer description

Do you consider yourself creative? Have you ever tried to draw with colorful pins? With Pinsaic you can explore your creativity drawing in 4 types of board with 11 unique pins and infinite colors. Try it yourself and see how your creative skills boost.

What are you waiting for? Grab your iPad and enjoy drawing with Pinsaic. I'm sure your friends are looking forward to seeing what you've drawn! You can also challenge them to see if they can improve your creations.

Pinsaic is also the perfect app to boost your children's creativity. The challenge of drawing only with pins in a small board forces them to think in a new way; a more creative way. The more they experiment, the more they see that the spectrum of options is much broader than imagined.

So, have fun creating and boosting your creativity!

Some features of the current version:

- Multilingual; it supports basque, english, french and spanish.
- Easy to share; just tap the share button and choose your favorite social network.
- Gallery section; you can save and reload boards whenever you want.
- 4 types of board; dealing with the mirroring effect it’s challenging, try it all of them by yourself.
- Custom colors and 11 unique pins; since your imagination is not limited to a few colors, Pinsaic offers limitless colors.
- Clean and simple; thanks to it’s design it’s very easy to use.

Last updated 11 May 2014

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